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National Transportation Technical

Defining Transportation for the Future

Our Mission

National Transportation Techs mission is to provide a rich learning environment which fosters student success and builds confidence in their skills and abilities to meet both their personal and professional goals. Tailored training that helps students excel in all facets of the everchanging Transportation Industry.

About Us

National Transportation Techs goal is to help the Transportation Industry in Florida by providing focused in-depth training in the areas of Traffic Signals, ITS Devices / Systems, and Roadway Lighting. Our Instructors all have over 30 years experience in the Transportation Industry right here in Florida. So we are very familiar with and  understand the technology being used along with the challenges technicians and agencies face every day here in Florida. Our belief is this more in-depth training will begin to help fill some of the void that has been created with-in the industry over the past few years. It will also be a hug benefit for those new employees, giving them a strong background in the different disciplines as they prepare to take their IMSA Certification Exams. 

Construction Workers

Upcoming Training Courses

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