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Defining Transportation for the Future

About NTT

     If you’ve been involved with the Transportation Industry for any time, you have undoubtedly realized what a fast-paced and evolving industry it truly is. Over the years one thing I have heard from every facet of the industry is the desperate need to train those individuals that install and maintain our Transportation Infrastructure. Whether it’s Traffic Signals, Roadway Lighting or ITS Devices, technology has been advancing at an almost unmeasurable rate.


      For years organizations like IMSA have been the leaders in providing Certification for those individuals that fulfill these critical roles. While Certification is an important aspect of providing qualified technicians to the industry. There has still been a need to help technicians gain a more in depth knowledge of how these sophisticated systems work and how they are all interconnected as one bigger Transportation System now.

     This is where National Transportation Tech comes in. Our instructors each average over 30 years’ experience working on systems right here in Florida. So we understand not only the technology being used but also the challenges technicians and agencies face every day here in Florida. While NTT will continue to offer the IMSA Certification Prep classes it will also be starting to offer more detailed and in-depth training  in the following areas:

      -Basic Traffic Signals 101

      -Basic Electrical, Grounding and Bonding

      -Communications and Networking

      -Traffic Signal and ITS Inspection

      -Basic Fiber Optic 101

      -Certified Fiber Optic Technician

      -Certified Fiber Optic Design

      -ITS Device Maintenance


     While all of these are not currently available. As each module comes online we hope this more in-depth training will begin to fill some of the void that has been created with in the industry over the past few years. It will also be a hug benefit for those new folks giving them a strong background in the different disciplines as they prepare to take their Certification Exams. 


     We are always looking for ideas and suggestions on how to make things better or if there is an area that you see a need please feel free to contact us at anytime and talk about the what we can do to help you and your employees.

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